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How to Make Fondant Bats


How to Make Fondant Bats
Used with Permission by Michelle Anderson

Bats are perfect cake and cupcake toppers for Halloween and are so simple to make that your kids can create their own fun winged friends. Your bats can range from scary to cute depending on the facial features and fangs you put on them. The best looking bats will be very black in color so it is a good idea to purchase premade fondant in black because it is very difficult to get a true black with gel colors. You might end up with a dark gray instead!

You will need:

  • Black fondant
  • White fondant
  • Bat wing template
  • Edible glue
  • Cornstarch
  • Rolling pin
  • Flower veining tool
  • Sharp knife
  • Large or small decorating tip

Create the body of the bat by rolling black fondant into a smooth ball. The size of the body will depend on what you need for your project. A fondant ball just a little smaller than a golf ball is a good size for most cupcakes. Take the larger decorating tip and create a deep mouth on the ball. If the body is smaller then use the smaller tip. The mouth should be almost as wide as the ball itself. Take your sharp knife and cut two slits on the sides of the ball towards the back for the wings. Set the ball aside.< /p>

Create a template for your bat wings using thick paper. The wings can have as many points on them as you wish so take a look at some pictures to get a good idea and cut the wing template to the correct size for your bat body. Take a fist sized ball of black fondant and roll it out on a cornstarch dusted surface to about a quarter of an inch. Using a sharp knife cut out your bat wings with the template making sure you flip it over to get two mirrored images. Take your veining tool and indent lines on the wings. Set wings aside to dry completely.< /p>

Take white fondant and roll it into two egg or teardrop shaped eyes. Flatten these out slightly and attach them to the body with edible glue above the mouth slit towards the top of the body. Roll two tiny black pupils from the black fondant and press them onto the eyes with edible glue. Also roll out two thin snakes of black fondant for the eyebrows and secure them above the eyes. The length and thickness of the eyebrows is completely up to you and what look you want to achieve. If you want your bat to be scary you can slant the eyebrows into the middle in a frown or create a curious bat by placing them slightly above the eyes in an arch.< /p>

The bat ears should be made from black fondant, slightly pointy and triangle shaped. Use the veining tool to make lines to signify the inside of the ears. The size of the ears can vary depending on the type of bat you are making. Slightly large floppy ears can make your bat absolutely adorable. Attach the ears with a little edible glue.< /p>

Take some white fondant and make the bat fangs in small elongated triangle shapes. Shape shorter fangs for less menacing bats and longer sharper fangs for the scary bats! Attach the fangs with edible glue at the mouth on the top edge. You can create a buck toothed look by placing the fangs close together or even a gap tooth look with further apart placement. You can even place one fang only for a hillbilly look.< /p>

Set the body aside with the wings until everything is completely dry. When the wings and body are dry insert the wings into the slits you created on the body and attach with a little edible glue. Make an assortment of fondant bats in different sizes and with unique expressions or features. You can use gum paste instead of fondant for your bats as well.

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