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Spring Cake

Monday March 31, 2014
Used under license from iStock

It is not yet spring in Northern Ontario even though it is the last day of March. By not spring I mean there is still about 3-4 feet of snow, more snow expected and many degrees below zero temperatures. Other parts of the world are in full bloom with flowers, green grass and tender leaves popping up everywhere.

So here is a glorious spring themed cake to boost your spirits no matter where you are on the temperature scale. That is the lovely part of cake design, you can create your own worlds from your imagination or change the seasons with sugar. In this case whip up a light fresh orange or lemon chiffon cake and decorate it with It is accented by lush peonies in pink and white which can be made with gum paste if you are at an intermediate level. This cake makes me think the snow is eventually going to melt away.

Simple Cake Idea

Monday March 31, 2014
Used under license from iStock

My oldest son is taking what we would have called Home Economics but now is labelled Nutrition and Food. All they have done in the last few weeks is bake and decorate cookies and cakes which should have been easy for him due to my experiences. I was not expecting anything truly interesting to come home.

On Friday he brought home the cutest cupcake, or what could be called a cupcake, in a wide mouth glass jar. They had created a nice simple vanilla cake batter and then tinted it five different colors. The kids then scooped spoonfuls of different colors into jars so that they filled the jar about halfway up. When they baked their cakes the colors merged and spread creating an interesting tie dye effect.

After the cake was cool they decorated the top, still in the jar, with piped designs, swirls of icing, fondant figures and sprinkles. When he brought it home he simply screwed the metal top onto the jar. This could be a fabulous idea for showers, birthday events and event wedding desserts. The effect could go from charming to elegant depending on your decorating.

Thinking about Easter

Sunday March 30, 2014
Used with permission from Michelle Anderson

Easter is fast approaching and you might be planning a wonderful cake for a family event or kid's party. Easter cakes can be cute, elegant, religious, intricate or simple. You need to create a design that matches the event and your skill level. A perfectly executed simple cake can be more effective than a complicated cake that is not completed well.

Unless the cake is for a client, it is best to remember that the time spent with friends and family is the most important part of the holiday. The cake is just icing on the cake so to speak!

Happy National Black Forest Day!

Friday March 28, 2014
Used under license from iStock

Black Forest Cake is the first real cake I learned to make and sell. I created 15-20 cakes for a popular farmer's market every weekend to pay for expenses for university. It took work and I constantly had jars of marinating cherries in my fridge.

It was first mentioned in the press in 1934 and is called Schwarzwälder Kirschtort. It is actually not named for the Black Forest in Germany but rather for a cherry liquour called Schwarzwälder Kirsch.These lovely rich cakes are definitely worth the effort so give a recipe a try and use the cake for your next event.

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