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Cute Easter Cupcake Ideas


Easter cupcakes are unbelievably cute and can be created in many different styles for whatever type of event you are planning for this Holiday. You can make bunnies, chicks, flowers, duckies, eggs and variations of all the themes very easily.

Brown Easter Bunny

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These are festive cupcakes adorned by sculpted Easter bunnies made out of fondant. You can create these quite easily ahead of time and have them sitting in a container until you are ready to place them on the cupcakes. The technique used to sculpt the bunnies is kind of like playing with Play dough and it is actually better if the bunnies turn out looking a little different from each other. The festive Easter eggs are also simply rolled from fondant and decorated in a bit of royal icing. Pipe some soft butter cream grass for your Easter bunny to sit on and place a few Easter eggs in his lap.

Colorful Easter Eggs

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These cupcake accents can be made from little sugar cookies decorated with royal icing or with fondant cutouts using an egg cookie cutter. The idea is to make colorful festive eggs that you would go look for in your garden on Easter morning. Try to use happy colors and then apply bright polka dots or stripes in royal icing to finish the eggs. Use green butter cream to pipe your grass and top the cupcakes with a couple Easter eggs.

Greedy Rabbit

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If you don't think you can create a full sculpted bunny a very simple option is a bunny behind and a whole bunch of cute carrots. The process of making this adorable Easter bunny backside is quite simple and can be done with a little fondant in two colors and edible glue. Make different sized bunny behinds to create a fun assortment for your cupcakes. The fondant carrots can be made ahead of time or you can simply put the bunny on the cupcake and pipe grass all around it to show the Easter bunny going down a rabbit hole.

Baby Chicks

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These are adorable cupcakes that can also be great for baby showers as well as your Easter celebration. The chicks can be made from fondant and the details such as soft feathery wings, tiny beak and bright little eye done with royal icing or butter cream icing. You can also accent the cupcake with tiny flower press flowers. Use green butter cream to make a soft grass bed for your chick and dot the grass with tiny colorful flowers. Nestle the chick in the middle of the grass and arrange your cupcakes together on a serving plate.

Happy Spring Flowers

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Although some parts of the world are still covered in snow by the time Easter rolls around fresh green grass and tender new spring blossoms are a wonderful idea for Easter cupcakes. To create this design you will need green butter cream and a grass tip to top each cupcake. Pipe generous mounds of grass on top of each cupcake. The flowers are very simple flower press blooms in different colors with no extra decorating embellishments. You can make the flowers ahead of time or do them right when you are decorating because they do not have to dry. Top your grass covered cupcakes with three or four flowers and serve!

Pastel Easter Eggs

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It is very simple to create Easter egg cut outs with fondant. You just need an oval cookie cutter and some royal icing to pipe the egg decorations. Roll out your fondant in whatever color you want for your eggs and then cut out the eggs. Let the fondant dry completely and then fill a piping bag topped with a small round tip with tinted royal icing. Pipe zigzags, little flowers and other designs on your fondant eggs and let hem dry. Putting the cupcakes together is very simple. Pipe a luscious swirl of butter cream icing on top of each cupcake using a star tip and then top each with an Easter egg. Very pretty!

Delicate Blue Flowers

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These lovely little blooms are a great representation of Spring and are easy to make. You can make these to use in between other more traditional Easter cake decorations like eggs and bunnies. The flowers can be made in minutes using a flower press and a little precolored fondant or gum paste. Roll out your fondant and use the press to make the number of flowers you need for the cupcakes, probably about 15-20 per cupcake depending on the size of the press. Let them dry and then use a little luster dust to apply shading to the petals. Then pipe the centers using a little royal icing and a grass decorating tip. You can pretty much use any color you want for your spring flowers depending on what you want.

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