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Cake Design Apps-Part Two


Cake Design Apps-Part Two
Used with permission from Michelle Anderson

In the array of apps offered to hone skills, educate and entertain there are many that can assist in cake decorating activities or simply provide valuable tips and information that can help create a wonderful cake. If you are looking for apps specific to cake design you might consider the following:

Bake A Cake: Recipes, Cake Decorating and Tips

This iPhone app is very recipe intensive and provides a great deal of information on cakes in general from start to finish. It is very easy to navigate and there are video clips, audio instructions and a gallery or photos to inspire and inform you. The app is divided into sections such as Recipes (black forest cake, angel food cake, German chocolate cake, cheese cake), Tips (reducing sugar, baking with honey, flexibility and conversions) and Cake Decorating (various icings, specific designs like beach or butterfly, specific events such as birthday, good decorating books). This is a very informational app especially if you like to prepare scratch cakes and like a plethora of recipes at your fingertips. The designs are quite generic but very pretty for beginner designers looking to hone their skills. The Bake a Cake app is 99 cents.

Cake Decorating Tips

This is also an iPhone app so you might miss it if searching for iPad specific applications. This app is quite good for both beginners and those who already have several years under their belts as cake decorators. It will not replace simple brainstorming of truly unique signature cake designs but can be great for guidelines and tips. The app is well organized and visually appealing with clear sections and pretty pictures of completed designs. You can search through Cake Decorating Basics (themes, birthday cakes, shower cakes, wedding cakes and troubleshooting), Cake Decorating Tips (tools needed, candied flowers and fruit, sugar work) and Recipes (cheesecake, fruitcake, chocolate raspberry cake and many more). It is a general comprehensive information tool that is good for a reference. This app is 99 cents.

Cake Decorating - Go From A Beginner To Expert!

Will this textbook style app turn you into a professional cake designer? No probably not. Will this app provide a great deal of information on most aspects of this industry? Yes, it can to an extent. This cake decorating app seems to be a guide to what you might need to create cakes and how to gain skills required rather than a tutorial style "class" which shows the skills. This guide points you in the direction of various classes and describes what you might learn in those classes. You can read a list of supplies you should purchase in order to create cakes, cupcakes and cookies. You can try your hand at paper design which most professional do when creating a cake for clients. If you are simply dabbling in cake decorating as a hobby or because you love it some of the information offered in this app might help you decide if your passion could be a lucrative business venture. This app is 99 cents and should be considered to be educational rather than instructive.

Cake Central Magazine

This is the tablet version of this publication and is available in single issues for $5.99 or as a subscription. It is put simply a feast for the senses. The cakes shown in the magazine are staggering, gorgeous, innovative and created by some of the top designers in the industry such as Ron Ben Israel and Alan Tetreault. You will find tutorials, recipes, informational pieces and tons of lovely pictures. This magazine is pure inspiration for anyone who wants to create gorgeous cakes, brides looking for her perfect centerpiece and anyone who loves to look at creative food presentation.

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