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Cake Decorating Ideas for Easter


Chocolate Easter Basket Cake
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Easter is a holiday that many people spend with family and friends over good food and a spectacular dessert like a perfectly decorated cake can provide just the right touch to the event. An Easter themed cake can be whimsical or bring in important religious elements depending on the type of celebration. Even a beginner designer can make a showstopper cake with a little planning and mastery of basic skills.

The Cake

You can start your Easter design by picking a perfect cake flavor to be the base of your creation. This holiday falls in a time frame that can easily support fresh fruit laden layers such as strawberry shortcake and rich vanilla filled with tangy lemon curd. A great choice for a fun Easter cake could be a pastel checkerboard cake that involves alternating several types of gorgeous colored batter in a Checkerboard Cake Pan Set. This set has three pans and a ringed insert to help create a multihued checkerboard pattern to delight and astonish your guests.

Easter Basket

One of the most popular Easter cake designs is a pretty basket filled with chocolate eggs, gum paste flowers, marshmallow chicks, or fondant bunnies. Baskets can also be made from cupcakes for a more individual look. The cupcakes could be filled first with "grass" using green or pastel colored icing piped from a grass tip or a little shredded colored coconut. The handles could be licorice pieces or a handle formed from gum paste or fondant if you have time for the paste to dry entirely. If you are creating a full sized cake decorate the sides with some type of basketweave design and pipe a rope or braid around the top of the cake to mimic a real basket.

Easter Egg Cake

There are great Easter egg cake pans or oval pans that can be used to create colorful unique cakes that resemble painted Easter eggs. Simply bake the cake and then decorated it with patterns of piped colors or use candies to make the swirls, lines, zigzags and polka dots. M&Ms, jube jubes, jelly beans, licorice and other candies can be used all over the cake.

Easter Bunny Cake

Many stores carry bunny pans to help make this type of cake easier to create. Simply bake the cake and follow the decorating guide for a wonderful results picking your own colors and adding design elements like shredded coconut for the fur. Or you can sculpt a three dimensional rabbit cake out of layered cakes and cover it with fondant or icing to make exactly the look you want. Fondant makes wonderful perky ears and even a colorful bowtie or ribbon to add style to the cake. Your imagination is the only limit.

Cross Cake

One of the most elegant cake designs used at Easter is a cross cake. Easter is a special holiday for many people who celebrate the religious aspects of the day. There are many special cake pans used specifically for this shape of cake or one can simply bake two rectangles (long and short) and put them together when cooled. The icing and decorations on the cross cake can be as simple or elaborate as is required by the type of event. Dragees, scrollwork, fondant cut outs and piped shells can adorn the cake in different colors and textures.

Easter Cupcakes

Besides cute egg filled baskets for Easter cupcakes you can also create many gorgeous designs incorporating the traditional elements of the holiday or simply the Spring season. Some possible ideas could include:

  • Top cupcakes with pretty butterflies made from silicone molds and gum paste.
  • Creative Easter bonnets with fondant cut outs and wild hat design elements.
  • Pretty piped nests filled with candy coated eggs, jelly beans or chocolate eggs.
  • Cupcakes that have cute bunnies complete with fondant ears and piped whiskers or rabbit holes surrounded by green grass and featuring a perky mini marshmallow bunny tail.
  • Fondant or gum paste spring flowers nestled in fresh piped grass.
  • Spring chick cupcakes made with fondant or by piping eyes, beaks and tiny feet. Shredded yellow coconut makes great feathers.
  • Cuddly mini marshmallow lambs with black icing eyes and pink jelly bean noses.
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