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2013 Wedding Cake Trends


2013 Wedding Cake Trends
Used with permission from Michelle Anderson

A new year always means brand new trends in wedding cake design which is very exciting for both prospective brides and cake designers alike. Every year seems to bring daring visual enhancements and delectable flavor combinations while continuing popular trends from the previous year. This means there are many choices for the perfect cake for a couple's special day. Here are some emerging trends that are becoming clear for wedding cakes in 2013.

Black and White: This is actually a trend from 2012 which lingers because it fits so many types of wedding themes from retro to modern depending on the decorations and elements used on the cake. For example, interesting fondant cut outs alternating white and black especially polka dots are extremely retro and starkly elegant in appearance. In 2013 stark black and white cakes can be accented with single vibrant colored elements such as a single red rose to provide an unusual accent.

Hand Painted:Fondant covered cakes make a truly beautiful canvas and gel colors are perfect paints. If you have skill as an artist then painting flowers, images, designs and even portraits on your wedding cake can be a lovely way to create a unique creation. Painting with food coloring or luster dust mixed with a little vodka is very similar to using water colors on paper but it is important to practice on a rolled sheet of fondant before painting your wedding cake. You can also recreate designs found in your wedding theme such as a monogram or the motif on your invitations. Anything is possible with this type of decorating technique.

Lace:This was another trend that was seen in 2012 because it is romantic, traditional and simply breathtaking even as the simplest accent. There are many tools you can use to make lace for your cake depending on the budget you have to work with and your skill level. Simple piping can create a pretty lace pattern using an applique or a cornelli lace design. You can also invest in products from Sugar Veil to create edible lace so realistic that it has been made into shawls and clothing for trade show events. You can tint your lace cake a soft antique color if you want a vintage look or use vibrant colored lace for a clean modern look.

Vintage or Antique: Anything considered to be an heirloom look is popular in 2013 especially designs that mimic treasured wedding dresses worn by grandmothers. These vintage inspired cakes can feature lace, glittering crystal jewels and of course borders that look like pretty strings of pearls. Vintage wedding cakes can also feature delicate designs that mimic an antique teacup or vase. Glamor associated with the 30's and 40's can also be seen in this trend with all white weddings and a touch of sparkle. Pastel colors, romantic accents and a traditional feel all combine to represent continuity and long lasting love.

Color:This trend is for those who want a more modern feel to their wedding. Color does not have to be garish and tacky looking and the right combinations can create a joyful cake that seems to be harmonious. Remember that many topsy turvy cakes use many different colors with no clashing effect so wedding cakes can also take advantage of this trend. Be sure to practice the color elements ahead of time to avoid creating a cake which looks like you wish and avoid disappointment.

Mint:This color is very popular for many brides in all its various hues and variations. It will also be seen as a flavoring in wedding cakes combined with chocolate, white chocolate, vanilla and caramel. Think how beautiful an ivory cake would be hand painted in a soft mint pattern or adorned with gum paste greenery in various green shades. This can suit many different types of weddings easily.

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