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Planning the Cake

This is where cake decorating starts. I'll cover inspiration, themes, seasonal influences, deciding on sizes or shape to get you started making your own beautiful cake.
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Flower Wedding Cake Trends
Wedding trends that include flowers are continuing for 2014.

Summer Strawberry Cakes
Berries of all types seem to be the fruit of choice when topping and flavoring cakes this summer.

Cake Decorating Resolutions
You should always make resolutions that are applicable all the time.

Wedding Cake Trends 2014
There are some very romantic cakes being planned for 2014.

popular Wedding Cake Toppers
Wedding Cakes can have an assortment of different toppers.

Purple Cake Trends
Purple is not a traditional color for wedding cakes.

Wedding Cake Topper
Couples have a broad range of wedding cake toppers to choose from when planning their cake.

Continuing Cake Trends
Some fun cake trends are continuing into the fall and winter of 2013.

Back to School Cake
It is time to go back to school and enjoy an afterschool treat.

Food Additives and Cake Design Part One
When baking and creating cakes it is important to realize what is in the ingredients.

Food Additives and Cake Design Part One
When baking and creating cakes it is important to realize what is in the ingredients.

Wedding Cake Don'ts
Make sure you avoid these common wedding cake issues.

Wedding Cake Dos
Here are some tips to help you create a successful wedding cake.

Avoid Wedding Cake Disasters
Try to avoid these common issues with a little planning and care.

Interesting Trends in Groom’s Cake Flavors
Groom's cakes can be unique as well as delicious.

Types of Flowered Cupcakes
Putting pretty flowers on your cupcakes is a very popular decorating idea.

Popular Wedding Cake Styles
The style of your wedding cake can definitely add to your special day.

Cakes that are Inspired by Paintings
One of the prettiest inspirations for cakes are great works of art.

Wedding Cake Checklist-Part One
It can save time and prevent cake disasters to plan out your wedding cake using a simple checklist.

Wedding Cake Checklist-Part Two
It can save time and prevent cake disasters to plan out your wedding cake using a simple checklist.

Cake Design Apps-Part One
There are some very interesting apps available for cake decorating enthusiasts.

Cake Design Apps-Part Two
There are several more apps that you can try for cake design.

2013 Wedding Cake Trends
Wedding cakes will be bold, romantic and unique in 2013.

Great Cake Decorating Books
These informational and lovely books are a great addition to any library.

Time Saving Cake Techniques
Sometimes you need to take short cuts in cake design.

Getting More Instruction on Cake Design
You should always keep up with cake design advancements.

Starting a Cake Decorating Business
If you love making cakes you might want to create a business from your passion.

Winter Wedding Cake Theme
A lovely frosty wedding can be perfect for your special day.

Should You Use Organic Ingredients in your Cakes, Fillings and Icing?
Is it better to purchase organic ingredients for your cakes?

How Has Cake Design Changed Over the Years
Cake design has evolved over the last 20 years and stayed the same.

Easy Cake Ball Technique
Cake balls are a great alternative to a whole cake.

Adding Sparkle and Glitter to Cakes
Cakes can shine with a little applied sparkle or shimmer.

What are the Best Cake Pans for Your Project
Cake pans are a necessary expensive for any cake designer and Wilton is a trusted name in bakewear and cake decorating supplies.

Cake Decorating Ideas for Easter
Try these wonderful ideas to delight your family and friends.

Basic Information and Tips about Cake Decorating
Easy to follow cake decorating tips and techniques.

New Year's Eve Cake or Cupcake Ideas
Cupcakes or cakes for this festive holiday can be simple or elaborate depending on your event.

Handfasting Cakes - How to Choose Your Handfasting Cake

Cupcakes vs. Wedding Cakes: The Showdown!
Are Whimsical Cupcakes Right for Your Wedding?

Cake Sizes and Portion Sizes
Cake Sizes and Portion Sizes

Buttercream vs Fondant
The most common covering for cakes is either fondant or buttercream and there are pros and cons with either choice.

Winter Themed Wedding Cake Ideas
Winter themed wedding cake ideas are limitless

Wedding Cake Traditions
There are many traditions surrounding the wedding cake.

Traditional Cake Decorating on Valentine's Day
Some cake decorating themes are customary on Valentine's Day.

Painting Techniques for Cake Designing
Cakes can be enhanced using painting techniques.

Plan a Homemade Birthday Cake for your Child
Children's cakes are fun to plan aqnd create.

Different Wedding Cake Ideas
Having a different style cake can be a wonderful idea.

Winter Themed Wedding Cake Ideas

Flour Substitutes
Using flour substitutes does not mean your finished cakes will have a weird or unpleasant texture or taste.

Objections into Success

Cake Decorating with Children
Children can have a fabulous time decorating cakes and cupcakes.

Gorgeous Flowered Wedding Cakes for Spring
Flowers will always be a popular choice for wedding cakes.

Pricing your Cakes
It can be difficult to decide on the perfect price for your cake.

Choosing the best cake design can involve many different factors.

Pancake Wedding Cake
Pancakes are the new wedding cake choice for breakfast weddings.

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