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Sugar Sheet Heart Decorations for Valentine's Day


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Pick Sugar Sheet Patterns
Sugar Sheet Heart Decorations for Valentine's Day
Used with permission from Michelle Anderson

Sugar sheets are very quick and easy tool to use for your cake decorating designs.It can be cut, punched out or even ripped to create exactly the effect you need.There is no real prep involved with sugar sheets besides deciding the pattern you wish to create and there is no mess to crean up afterwards except the plastic backing.

These sheets have a relatively pleasant taste that is sweet and slightly papery. It is not something that anyone would simply eat from a flavor standpoint but it also will not ruin a good buttercream or fondant finish on a cupcake or cake.

Edible sugar sheets come in solid colors, polkadots, stripes, animal prints, hearts, swirls and many other pretty choices. Combine different sheets, pipe icing over them for effect or wrap a cake entirely to complete your vision.

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