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Fondant Crocodile


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Make all The Pieces Needed for your Crocodile
Fondant Crocodile
Used with permission by Michelle Anderson

Making a crocodile or alligator out of fondant is quite simple and you can create any type of creature you think will fit your project. Changing the teeth, eyes, claws and tail can make your crocodile cuddly, fierce, whimsical and downright scary. For example the teeth can be sharp, rounded a bit or snuggle toothed.

For a basic crocodile you will need:

  • Fondant
  • Cornstarch
  • Green gel color
  • A sharp knife
  • A round decorating tip
  • Small ball tool
  • Edible glue

The pieces you need to make will include the body, the head, the legs, back spikes, eyes, teeth and nostrils. The teeth and eyes are white and the rest in shades of green.

For the body you need to shape a piece of fondant into a sausage shape and then taper one end into a long tail shape. Flatten the other side to create the lower jaw of the face. Smooth out any fingerprints and then take the decorating tip and create a scaly texture.

For the legs you need to roll out four sausage shapes, the front legs can be smaller than the back legs if that is the look you want to achieve. Use your forefinger and thumb to create a slight hourglass shape by rolling each sausage between them. Flatten out the ends of each leg and use a sharp knife to cut two slits lengthwise to make three toes. Use the end of the round tip to make a scaly texture on each leg.

For the head take a small piece of fondant and create an elongated teardrop shape with a blunted end where the snout will be. Flatten the snout end and smooth out any fingerprints. Make two tiny balls of fondant for the nostrils and use the ball tool to make hollows and pinch the bottoms of each. Cut the bottom of each nostril so there is a flat surface to stick on the snout. Texture the head with the round tip.

The spikes for the back can be small and simply add bumps of texture or tapering large to small like a dinosaur. Make three dimensional triangles using the tips of your fingers until you have as many as you need to run down the length of the crocodile's back.

The eyes and teeth will be made from white fondant. Simply roll out two small balls and then flatten them out creating ovals. Use a black edible ink pen to make pupils on the eyes or roll out tiny black balls of fondant and stick them on the white ovals. Roll out a small piece of white fondant and then cut the fondant into a thin strip. Take your knife and go along the strip cutting small teeth.

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