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How to Make Fondant Cows


How to Make Fondant Cows
Used with permission by Michelle Anderson

Cows might not seem like they would be used very often in cake design but kids cakes, farm cakes, baby shower cakes and other occasions can utilize these funny charming animals to create great scenes. You might be surprised how many people like cows and making them out of fondant or gum paste can be a lot of fun. The cows can be combined with picket fences, tufts of grass and even feed troughs for a complete farm look. You can make them any size you need for your projects.

You will need:

  • Black fondant
  • White fondant
  • Pink fondant
  • Rolling pin
  • Cornstarch
  • Flower veining tool
  • Bone tool
  • Ball tool
  • Edible glue
  • Small wood dowels

Take the white fondant and roll it into an egg shape a little bigger than a golf ball. Take the flower veining tool and indent the bottom of the egg in the middles of the sides, from and back to create the legs. The cow will have short fat legs. Take black fondant and shape the four hooves evenly. Make cubes out of the pieces and then taper them slightly on one end. Position the hooves together under the body and attach with small dowels and edible glue.

Make the head from white fondant in the shape of an egg. Then flatten the narrower side so you can eventually stick the nose on. Indent where you want to put the eyes with the small end of a ball tool and then attach the head with a small wooden dowel and edible glue.

The nose and ears will be formed from a ball of pink fondant. Roll small balls of fondant for the ears into teardrop shapes and then hollow them out with the end of the bone tool. Set aside. Roll pink fondant into a ball and then flatten one side so it fits on the flattened egg end of the head. Indent the ball on the round side for the nostrils and use the veining tool or a sharp knife to carve a happy smile. Attach the nose to the head with edible glue and a small wooden dowel. Attach the ears with edible glue. Roll two tiny balls of black fondant for the eyes and glue them into the previously formed indents.

Take a little white fondant and make small curved horns for your cow. These can also add character because you can make one bigger than the other or one slightly crooked. Take a little more white fondant and make a short tail. Attach these horns to the head and the tail to the rear of the cow with edible glue. Allow the whole cow to dry.

Take black fondant and roll it out to about one eighth of an inch thick on a cornstarch covered surface. Using a sharp knife or cutters cut out patches of black for the spots on typical dairy cows. These should be irregular because most cows do not have symmetrical patches. Stick the spots on the cow with edible glue taking care to smooth them on with no lumps.

You can also create brown cows entirely out of brown fondant instead of black and white dairy cow. You should probably keep the nose ears and horns pink and white respectively and do the rest in browns. The hooves can be a darker brown or black. The coloration will depend on your needs and personal preference but these little black and white beauties are truly charming. Make an assortment with different expressions, horn lengths and patches for a cute herd to graze on top of your cake or cupcakes.

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