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Discover how easy it is to create fondant cake decorations from flowers to nuts to bows and frills.

How to Make a Crooked Tree

Adorable Bunny Behinds for Easter

Fondant Easter Bunny

Making Quilt Patterns with Sugar Sheets
It is important to have everything you need for making quilting designs on hand.

Embedded Fondant Hearts

Fondant Crocodile

How to Make Rolled Roses

How to Make Fondant Knitting

How to Make Fondant Turkeys
These adorable turkeys work well on Thanksgiving cakes and cupcakes.

How to Make Fondant Spiders
Spiders are great cake and cupcake toppers for spooky holidays.

How to Make Fondant Cows
Nothing is cuter on a baby shower cake than perky fondant cows.

How to Make Fondant Bats
These wonderful spooky creatures are perfect for cupcakes.

Fondant Baby Seals
Cute baby seals are wonderful winter cake accents.

Billowing Technique for Cakes

Hand Modelling Shapes for Cake Decorating
Gum paste and fondant can be made into wonderful people and animals using a few simple shapes and tools.

Modelling a Bear from Gum Paste
This cute whimsical teddy bear is simple to make even for beginners.

Making a Strawberry Topped Cake

Hand Modelling a Fondant Giraffe
A cute giraffe is easy to create out of fondant.

How to Make Heart Stamp Valentine's Day Cupcakes

How to Make Dotted Fondant or Gum Paste
Beautiful patterns can be made with different colored fondant or gumpaste.

Fondant Braids
Fondant Braids are a wonderful design element.

How to Make Fondant Rocks
How to make realistic looking rocks out of fondant.

How to Make Fondant Pearls
fondant pearls are a wonderful easy way to finish a border on a cake.

Quick and Easy Fondant Flowers
This is a video showing how to make beautiful fondant flowers.

How to Make Fondant or Gum Paste Buttons
A silicone mould is a quick effective way to make fondant or gum paste buttons.

Making Millefiori Patterns
Millefiori is an easy pattern to create in fondant or gum paste.

Making Patterns on Fondant Using Stencils
Stencils create simple and complex designs on cakes,cupcakes and cookies.

How to Make Fondant Snowflakes

Painting Techniques for Cake Designing
Cakes can be enhanced using painting techniques.

Sugar Sheet Heart Decorations for Valentine's Day

Fondant Ropes
Fondant ropes are an elegant method to finish a cake.

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