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How to Make Tree Cake Toppers


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Gather Supplies for Trees
How to Make Tree Cake Toppers
Used with Permission from Michelle Anderson
A simple idea for a very pretty Christmas cake topper is retro looking sparkly trees created with ice cream cones and various shades of sparkly sugar or dragees. These trees can be made in different sizes and look absolutely adorable clustered on the top of your cake. You can also place these trees on a serving plate for a festive centerpiece. The best part of this technique is depending on the color or type of covering you use for the trees you can create vastly different looks and themes. Silver, shimmery white, gold and ice blue are starkly elegant where as bright red or green and rich blues or burgundy are more cheerful and appropriate for a children's or family event cakes. The choice is yours.

To make lovely tree cake toppers you will need:

  • Pointed ice cream cones, either waffle or regular (various sizes)
  • Various shades of candy melts depending on the shade of covering
  • Sugar dragees, sanding sugar, sparkling sugar or pearlized sugar
  • Styrofoam with wooden dowels for drying

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