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Tips, Tricks and Troubleshooting

Take a look at ways to make your creations better and common cake decorating mistakes

Selling your Cake Business
If you want to become a professional cake designer you must be able to sell your business

Designs on Cookie Glaze

Ways to Display Easter Cookies
There are many ways to present your decorated cookies at Easter time.

Edible Markers for Decorating
If you need to create fine detail edible markers can be a wonderful tool.

How to Make Tree Cake Toppers

Some Important Cake Decorating Techniques to Master
These skills will be very valuable when decorating cakes.

Beginner Cake Decorating Questions
Many questions can come up when decorating cakes.

Food Additives in Cake Decorating Products
Sometimes there are additives in the products we use for cake design.

How to Make Icing Colors
You can create absolutely wonderful icing colors with four base colors.

Food Safety in Cake Decorating
Food safety is important for cake decorating.

Efficient Cake Design
Tips to help you design cakes efficiently.

Making Paper Cake Decorating Cones
Paper cones are an easy and economical piping tool.

Using a Pasta Machine for Cake Decorating
A pasta machine is a great easy tool for cake decorating.

Determining the Size of a Sheet Cake
It can be confusing to decide on how big to make a sheet cake.

Meringue in Cake Decorating
The different types of meringue can be used for cake decorating.

Handy Tips when Cake Decorating
A few tricks and tips to help you create beautiful cakes.

How to Salvage Seized or Overheated Chocolate

Cake Decorations that Look Like Nature
Cakes with nature decorations are beautiful.

Top 10 Common Recipe Mistakes

Cake Decorating Questions-Part One
Some questions about cake decorating.

Easy Fixes for Cake Problems
There are many things that can go wrong after you take your beautiful cake out of the oven. Some are easier to fix than others.

Possible Problems with Fondant
Fondant problems can be fixed with a little practice and care.

Baking Cakes without Sugar
Event cakes can also be sugar free for special diets.

Recipe Conversions
It is important to convert the measurements in recipes accurately.

Common Cake Decorating Questions
Answers to commonly asked cake decorating questions.

Possible Reasons for Cake Failures
Solutions for common cake failures.

Specific Tips and Techniques for successful design elements.
Simple Tips and Techniques to help you make wonderful cakes.

Cake Decorating Questions Part Two
Questions concerning cake decorating.

Cake Decorating Questions Part Three
There are answers to common cake decorating.

Cake Decorating Questions Part Four
It is important to get answers to your cake design questions.

Pastry Bag Decorating Tips

Valentine's Day Cupcake Ideas
Valentine's Day cupcakes can be decorated in many different ways.

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