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How to Frost a Cake


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How to Frost a Cake
Used with permission by Michelle Anderson
Frosting a pretty two layer cake is an easy process that requires few tools and a little patience. You don't need anything truly out of the ordinary to frost a cake but some tools will make this activity stress proof and produce a perfectly iced cake. A few supplies that you might consider having on hand when frosting your cake can include:
  • Cake board or large plate: Cake boards are not necessary to create a gorgeous cake but they are a very nice for a professional finished look. These boards can be any size or shape from round to square to rectangular. Cake boards can be thin cardboard or thicker foam core depending on your needs. If the cake board is the actual foundation of the cake get a thicker sturdier product rather than the thinner ones designed to sit between tiers. A pretty dinner plate can also be effective but make sure the center part of the plate is not too deep or it will be difficult to get nice smooth sides on the cake. You will want at least an inch all the way around the cake no matter what type of plate or board you use.
  • Revolving stand: This tool is wonderful for cake decorating and helps create lovely smooth sides and perfect edges. Cake decorating stands do not have to be very expensive to be effective. Plastic versions work almost as well as top of the line professional versions.
  • Icing spatula or palate knife:You can use a knife, spatula or pie lifter to frost your cake but a blunt rounded end palate knife is perfect to spread icing on your cake. Its edges create straight lines and sheer off excess icing. Offset palate knives are also good if you want to keep your hand away from the sides and top of the cake.

Make your favorite cake recipe creating two equal sizes so you can stack them easily. You might have to double your recipe depending on exactly how large you need the finished product to be. Cool the cake layers in pans on wire rack for at least 10 minutes before inverting them and cooling completely on wire racks.

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