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Cupcakes that Glow in the Dark

By February 26, 2013

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Quinine is Phosphorescent! by AZAdam, on Flickr

I live in a very cold snowy area that produces many housebound days in the winter where the kids are bouncing off the walls out of boredom. So of course I like to throw sugar and icing at this problem! Ordinarily I come up with neat cupcake ideas for us to put together but due to random internet surfing my 14 year old asked if I ever made glow in the dark cupcakes. I was confused and interested so I looked it up and yes, you can create cupcakes that glow under black lights! I conveniently had a black light because I used it last year to search out cat urine from my very old cat that had bladder issues. I also had tonic water (the quinine glows under the black light), Jell-O and all the ingredients for a tasty pink lemonade cupcakes.

The general process is making the cupcakes and icing them with a nice pale hued icing such as white or light green for maximum effect. Place the cupcakes in the freezer (or outside in the frigid garage in our case) until the icing is very firm. While the cupcakes are chilling make your Jell-O (we used lemon to go with the cake, using tonic water for the liquid. To be frank the tonic is a bit bitter for great flavor but in our case it actually combined quite well with the lemon. Kind of like a gin and tonic... When your cupcakes are hard take them in the house and tip the frosted section in your tonic Jell-O. Chill them all again and repeat this process until there is enough of a layer of gelatin to glow.

It works quite well and with the tart sweet cupcakes the bitterness of the tonic was not apparent. I now know what to do when Halloween rolls around this year.


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